NASA Land Withdrawal

On April 29, 2021 the Bureau of Land Management filed notice in the Federal Registry that NASA has SEGREGATED 23,000 acres of land in Railroad Valley from the public domain in order that they conduct satellite studies for the next 22 years, subject to valid existing rights.  3PL has valid existing rights, so our concerns are with the details, which are not yet known.  However, this segregation stops acitivity from other explorers that may wish to help a green revolution.

For a summary PDF document regarding the information on this page, please refer to the following summary from 3PL:  
 Summary of NASA Land Withdrawal in Railroad Valley, NV

Below is a map of the area requested to be withdrawn.  We offer 41 alternative locations for NASA in this document:
Salt Flat Report for NASA - 41 Alternative Sites.

Railroad Valley Segregation by NASA

Most importantly, Railroad Valley is unique because of the large and concentrated lithium exploration effort being conducted there, by several companies.  This activity is shown on the chart below. 

Lithium Chart for NASA
We need not surmise that NASA is intentionally targeting lithium mining activities - they admit this!  See their published document presented at the American Geophysical Union conference in 2018, titled "THE ONGOING BATTLE FOR RAILROAD VALLEY". Note: 3PL takes exception to the accusation that we have evaporation ponds in Railroad Valley. This is not true. NASA is behaving unethically by making these false asssertions.

Our opinion is that taxpayer money is being wasted on a Government Agency that has an agenda to stop mining activity.  The fact that it is lithium mining they are trying to stop is a sad irony.  NASA studies carbon dioxide, but 3PL eliminates carbon dioxide!

If you have an opinion regarding the NASA Segregation of 23,000 acres in Railroad Valley, please write a comment, before July 28, 2021, to:

BLM Nevada State Office
1340 Financial Boulevard
Reno, NV 89502

or by email to:

And finally, note that the NASA study in Railroad Valley, is for "OCO" and "GOSAT" satellite calibrations. These are acronyms for "Orbiting Carbon Observatory" and "Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite".  In other words, the critical NASA studies are for greenhouse gas studies.